Hi, you can call me CodeyStien. I am most interested in web/app development specifically using React, but I’m always excited to learn other technologies (which is actually one reason I started to write this blog). I absolutely love graphic design, and app/web design. . If you were to ask me what my favorite stack was I’d probably say:

  • Framework: NextJS
  • Database: Firebase

And if you are interested, these are probably my favourite projects:

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Coding is a very big hobby of mine, but when I’m not you might find me playing around with Blender, improving my typing speed, taking a walk around around my neighborhood, and I also listen to music really frequently. I’m also learning Japanese and I’ve gotten into reading manga lately, so that’s another thing I like to do.

About The Blog

Ok so now let’s talk about what to expect in my blogs. Basically I started this blog as a fun project (let’s see if it works out), and I wanted to share some of my knowledge that I think might be useful to future viewers. I’ll touch on topics such as web development, app development, design, good coding & design practices, software I find interesting, and try to educate and spread awareness of open-source.

I’m also a big fan of the terminal, so much I probably spend 90% of the time in the terminal, so I would love to share my experiences about that too.