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The CSS Gradient Handbook: Mastering Techniques, Tips, and Types

The CSS Handbook: Mastering Techniques, Tips, and Typesl CSS gradients, a topic which doesn’t seem of much importance at once. There is so much you can do with gradients in CSS I am honestly blown away. Before writing this article the only thing I knew was how to create basic two-colored gradients, (I sometimes forgot how to do that too), but now I realize how much more CSS gradients have to offer!

Color Psychology for Web Developers Enhance User Experience and Engagement

Color Psychology for Web Developers Enhance User Experience and Engagement Color psychology is a powerful tool for developers and designers alike. Understanding the fundamentals of color psychology is essential for creating effective designs and have a better user experience.

RegExp Basics: Its Not That Bad!

RegExp Basics: It’s Not That Bad Thumbnail First of all, let me apologize for the late post but I was sick this weekend and busy with school. Now, onto the topic for today; Regular expressions in JavaScript was a topic that I always felt scared to try. But it’s something an engineer (JavaScript or not) will eventually have to touch on, and something I never thought would be as useful as it is. My goal today is for you to understand basic RegExp concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Why I Use Qutebrowser as My Daily Browser (but You Probably Shouldn't)

Why I use Qutebrowser as my Daily Browser (but you probably shouldn’t) Qutebrowser is an amazing and very unique browser. The modern browser today is filled with unnecessary features, and qutebrowser helps eliminates that and makes browsing the web… Just browsing the web! Like any other browser though, Qutebrowser has its cons and trade-offs.

Configuring Neovim With Lua: What You Should Know

Configuring Neovim With Lua: What You Should Know NeoVim is such an amazing and powerful tool. It’s insanely fast, flexible, and clean. I honestly can’t believe I used to use vimscript to set it up, but anyways, in today’s article, I’m going to show you how to start making your neovim config! But before we continue though, I’d like to give a big shout-out to Chris@machine’s NeoVim from Scratch series, and ThePrimeagen, since a lot of my config is based on theirs.

Goodbye 2022 and What to Expect in the Future

Man, a LOT has happend this year. And first of all, I want to say that I owe it all to you, thank you for the continius support that keeps me writing these articles. I had a lot of fun during these two months (I know, it feels like a lot more).