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Why I Use Qutebrowser as My Daily Browser (but You Probably Shouldn't)

Why I use Qutebrowser as my Daily Browser (but you probably shouldn’t) Qutebrowser is an amazing and very unique browser. The modern browser today is filled with unnecessary features, and qutebrowser helps eliminates that and makes browsing the web… Just browsing the web! Like any other browser though, Qutebrowser has its cons and trade-offs.

Configuring Neovim With Lua: What You Should Know

Configuring Neovim With Lua: What You Should Know NeoVim is such an amazing and powerful tool. It’s insanely fast, flexible, and clean. I honestly can’t believe I used to use vimscript to set it up, but anyways, in today’s article, I’m going to show you how to start making your neovim config! But before we continue though, I’d like to give a big shout-out to Chris@machine’s NeoVim from Scratch series, and ThePrimeagen, since a lot of my config is based on theirs.

STOP! Use This Instead of Create React App

In 2022, using create-react-app might not be the greatest, not because it’s a bad tool, but because there are other alternatives that offer a lot more and overall are just a lot more practical to use, today I’ll be showing you why you should stop using creacte-react-app, and some better alternatives to it too!

Goodbye Firebase Hello Supabase

Ok so we all know Firebase, a handful of tools aimed for app and web developers. Mainly used for their docuement-based database, their authentication using various social services or email and a realtime database. Supabase is a fairly new open-source alternative (unlike Firebase which is mantained by google), offer some similar tools for an afforable price too and with easy to understand and learn API.

Why I chose Hugo (and why you should too)

Ok so, just in case you didn’t know, let me explain a bit, this website was created using the static site generator: Hugo, and so far, it’s working absolutely fine. In this article I’ll share pros, cons, and my overall experience of Hugo, and some recommendations if you want to start using it too.