Man, a LOT has happend this year. And first of all, I want to say that I owe it all to you, thank you for the continius support that keeps me writing these articles. I had a lot of fun during these two months (I know, it feels like a lot more).

Goodbye 2022, and What to Expect in the Future

Table Of Contents

  1. Some Statistics
  2. My Best Performing Articles
  3. What To Expect?
  4. Reflexion

Some Statistics

Before we start, I know some of you want to see some real numbers, so here you go!

Thank You

My Best Performing Articles

3. Why I chose Hugo (and why you should too)

I am still a little surprised at how well this article performed as it was my first one, I talked about why I chose Hugo to do this website, and why I think it’s a decent option if you’re looking to make your very own static site. Feel free to check it out if you want to!

2. Five Underated CSS Properties You NEED To Try Out!

One of the things I love most about writing articles has to be how much I learn by creating them! You’d be surprised to know how much I learned while researching for these, and this article is no exception. I’m very sure I didn’t know at least half of these before creating the article.

1. Five FREE Apis You Need for Your Next Project

Like I said before, with the past article, I learned a lot, but I still remember the happiness I felt when I went through the analytics. I was very surprised when I saw how well this performed.

What to expect?

Apart from some personal ones, here are some of my goals for 2023:

  • First of all, as you probably didn’t know, I used to post videos on YouTube (but I stopped…), and now I even kind of cringe at myself looking back at those videos. But I do want to give that style of content creation another chance.
  • I want to improve my English and grammar skills (it’s not my first language), so I’d love to hear what you think of my writing skills

I don’t plan to stop writing articles and haven’t even thought about taking a break anytime soon.


This has been a great two months of a year, I enjoyed starting to write articles and hope to continue. And I sincerely thank all of you for supporting me through this year, and I hope to see you next year too! Happy holidays!

I appreciate you spending your time reading this post, if you’d like to read more here you go:

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